Core Ag Inputs Ltd. will be a Western Canadian based crop input retailer, locally and independently owned and operated, with the purpose of providing first in class products and services to farmers.

We Are Looking For Partners



We are building a network of Core Ag Inputs locations that combine your local knowledge, our operations expertise, and suppliers branded products to help farmers in your area grow successful, profitable crops. The Core Ag Inputs network allows you to operate independently leveraging the strength of each business collectively.



Owning a part of something is a source of great pride. Each of our locations is owned in part by the primary operator and the Core Ag Inputs management team. This partnership allows owners to operate their business locally in the way they believe is best and at the same time allows us to leverage the strength of the network and support each business effectively.



Rural communities are very important to sustainability of agriculture in Western Canada. We believe that local ownership contributes positivity to the local economy and provides opportunities for residents that will ensure the health of our communities for years to come. We strongly believe that being an active positive contributor is table stakes.

Are You Interested?

We want to join forces with experienced agricultural individuals who wish to own and operate an ag retail store in a geography that is primed to succeed. If you are interested in exploring the idea of opening an ag retail in your area we would love to meet you and discuss the opportunity that exists and share our joint venture model.

Tell us a bit about yourself and we’ll setup a time to connect.

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